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Toilet Troubles, How to Best Deal With a Toilet That Has Stopped Working

When you initially check out your toilet you may not see it as the most complex asset in your home. The reality though is that there are a lot of components that go into making a toilet do what it does and take all of the waste that we put in it and flush it down into our septic or sewerage system. A toilet can run into so many different issues when you are trying to get it to function and trying to nail down exactly what the problem is can simply point you in so many directions.

This is where we come in at North Florida Plumbing with our toilet repair Jacksonville FL service. Your toilet could have all kinds of issues going on with it from leaking, endless running, it could be filling up too slowly. The toilet could even just be too noisy or simply refuse to flush the way that it is supposed to.

Learn How a Toilet Works

The first thing that you can do as a homeowner is a bit of research into how a toilet works. This can give you a much better appreciation for all of the components of the toilet and what goes into making it do what it does on a daily basis. A toilet works essentially starting with when you push the handle. Once you do this, the chain inside of the toilet lifts up what is known as the stopper. Water that is in the tank then goes through a flush valve, entering the toilet bowl. The water is what is used to push down the waste into the drain. When the tank is fully empty, the stopper is put back in place, due to the handle no longer being pushed and the chain back down, allowing the water to refill. A float ball is what is going to tell your toilet when it is full.

Having this understanding can help you to assess how your toilet is looking when you initially take the top off of it to have a peek in. A toilet repair Jacksonville FL project that we do is going to begin with an assessment of this so that we can also help you get to the root cause of the problem.

DIY or Professional Repair

Once you start to look at the toilet you want to try and see if you can identify where the problem may be. In the event that you can identify the problem, is it something that you think you have the ability to repair on your own? Do you consider this a do-it-yourself project based on your knowledge and what you see?

Most of the time, outside of a clogged toilet you can usually fix with a plunger, a toilet repair Jacksonville FL is best left up to us, the professionals. The reason is in that you truly need to be sure of what the problem is and you also have to have the experience to deal with the problem effectively.

Effective, Long-Term Repair

You want your toilet repair Jacksonville FL project to be for the long-term. Effective, long-term repair is all about taking care of the issue in the toilet for the current moment, but also replacing components that need to be replaced so that the problem does not crop up again a few months down the line. The worst thing you can do is to fix a toilet temporarily, as you are inevitably going to end up dealing with the issue again relatively soon.

Toilet repair Jacksonville FL services is something that we take a great deal of pride in. Our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to help you get to the root cause of the problem and get your toilet back and working again in no time. Knowing how to deal with a toilet that has stopped working is going to alleviate a lot of the stress and aggravation that goes with it. We are here to help so that the toilet can be brought back and repaired in any way that is needed.

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