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Toilet Repair

There's nothing more frustrating to a home owner than needing toilet repair. If your toilet is clogged or not flushing correctly, call our plumbing company in Jacksonville immediately. We offer 24/7 plumbing service for emergencies. Frequent clogs could mean a bigger problem - a clogged sewer line. You can depend on our team of expert plumbers to pinpoint the problem and get your toilet fixed quickly.

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Clogged Toilet Repair

Luckily, a good plunger can handle most toilet clogs. Call in our expert plumbers if you notice more frequent clogs or if someone has shoved half of their toys down the toilet! When the number of clogs increases or if the toilet overflows, call us immediately. It could mean that there is a large clog in the pipe which could require drain cleaning. Call us and schedule an inspection. One of our skilled plumbers will come out and determine the exact cause of the problem and quickly fix it. Some of the other common toilet problems we repair include the following:

  • Low water flow
  • Toilet running continuously
  • Phantom flushing
  • Tank filling slow
  • Weak flush
  • Loose handle

If your toilet is running continuously, then your water bill will keep climbing. Don’t wait to call us for any plumbing problems. The sooner we do the repair, the sooner you can start to save money and improve your plumbing system’s efficiency. Calling us when you have a small toilet problem, means we can prevent larger problems from occurring. Don’t ignore small cracks in the bowl or tank; they can cause major water damage in your home. Call us today to schedule an inspection or service.

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New Toilet Installation

Toilets don’t last forever, and they suffer from the same wear and tear that other staples in your home do. We can fix most problems with a repair, but a replacement could save you money in the long run. If you have an older toilet that would need quite a few parts to repair, it’s more cost effective to replace it with a new efficient model. When your water bill starts creeping up, a leaking toilet could be to blame. Replacing a leaking model with a brand new one will help manage your utility costs.

We also handle new toilet installations. If you are remodeling or adding on a bathroom, we take care of every aspect of the fitting and installation including removing the existing toilet if necessary. Installing a new model is definitely a job for professional plumbers. Our certified master plumbers are licensed and insured, not to mention very experienced. They will make sure the installation is done right and up to code compliance. Call us today if you have questions about installation services.

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