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How to Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your Home Water Heater

The home water heater is one asset that we absolutely cannot live without. We rely on our home water heater in order to give us hot water to do dishes, to take a shower of a bath, to wash clothes, among other things. Once your home water heater starts to show its age and begins to break down you need to take action. There are two routes that you can go with this. You can either go through with a water heater repair Jacksonville FL or you can replace the water heater entirely.

Making the decision between repairing or replacing your home water heater really comes down to understanding the state that the water heater it is in. In order to do this you have to put some thought into determining the true age of the water heater based on its years in use and how well it has been maintained.

How has Maintenance Gone?

How have you been doing maintaining your home water heater over the years? Ask any expert and what they’re going to tell you is that you are going to want to try and take care of the unit and flush it out at least once every single year. When you do this it is going to help the unit last that much longer. A five-year old home water heater that has never been flushed or maintained and one that has been cared for regularly are going to be in very different states.

Heavy Use or Light?

Do you have a home water heater that has been heavily used over the years or lightly used? When you start to experience issues with a home water heater that is under heavy use it could be a sign that a water heater repair Jacksonville FL is just not going to cut it. Think about how you are using the home water heater and how much wear and tear it has had go to endure.

Location of the Water Heater

Where is the home water heater located in your house? Do you have it on the main floor of your home or is the water heater in a basement where it is near a drain? When you have a water heater on a main floor one that leaks could cause some major issues right away. This type of damage would be less extensive in the basement with a drain. Think about how much you want to try and repair a water heater when any leak could prove wildly detrimental to the stature of your home.

Water Quality

Are you aware of what the water quality is in the area where you live? The home water heater is going to be taking in water based on the water supply of your hometown. When you have water supply is low in quality what can result in sediment build up in the hot water heater. This can reduce the life of the hot water heater drastically.

When your home water heater starts to act up you have to think about all of these different things. When you do this what you will come up with is more of a big picture of just how much wear and tear the water heater has had to go through. It is not just about how many years that the water heater has been in use, but more of how it has been used over that period of time. We at North Florida Plumbing can help you whether it is a water heater repair Jacksonville FL or a replacement. If you cannot decide on your own, let one of our expert technicians take a look to help you make an educated choice.

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