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How to Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your Home Toilet

We all have a tendency to hang onto our assets for much longer than we probably should. This can be said for things such as the windows that we have in our homes, appliances, and yes, even toilets. Toilets have a lifespan just like all of our other assets do and it is important to take note when they start to act up in a funny manner. What the biggest question that many homeowners have once their toilet starts to function improperly is should they replace the toilet, or seek a toilet repair Jacksonville FL professional?

The question of repairing or replacing the toilet is probably something that you as a homeowner really cannot answer on your own. You simply need much more information in order to make that determination than you just staring at the toilet and giving it your own personal assessment. The exception to the rule would probably be when you have a toilet that is just cracked entirely, as that is probably a good indicator that hey, you need to get a new toilet as soon as possible.

Start With Professional Advice

The process of trying to figure out if you need to replace or seek a toilet repair Jacksonville FL job starts and ends with professional advice. This is where we come into play at North Florida Plumbing as we can help you with this along the way. Reaching out to us to get advice in this regard is probably the best first step that you can take. When you call us you are going to get a professional, expert technician out to your home in no time at all.

What we are going to do once we arrive is do an assessment of the toilet and really the whole situation. What is the status of the toilet? How is it looking? Is there anything that can easily be fixed to get it functioning again? This assessment is going to allow us to give the toilet a look from top to bottom so that we can diagnose where the issues are arising from.

Too Many Repairs?

Most of the time, a toilet has the ability to be repaired. What you want to figure out though is just how many repairs are going to be needed and what that is exactly going to cost you. Rebuilding and repairing a toilet can include hanging out main parts such as the handle, flapper, fill valve, among other things. When you have to replace more than one of these as part of a toilet repair Jacksonville FL, this is when you need to ask yourself if this makes the most sense.

You want to weigh the repair costs against what it would cost to just get a new toilet entirely. By doing this type of analysis, you are going to see where you are going to get more value. If the cost to repair the toilet is only going to be $50 or $100 cheaper than getting a new toilet, maybe switching it out for a brand new one is the way to go. Having something brand new is only going to save you more money in the short and long-term as you will have fewer issues to deal with over time.

Having an aging toilet is something that every homeowner has to deal with from time to time. Thankfully we at North Florida Plumbing are ready as your toilet repair Jacksonville FL professionals to help you deal with any issue that arises. When the time comes to either decide to repair or replace a toilet, start with an assessment from one of our professionals. From there we can work towards what is going to provide you as a homeowner with the most benefit in the immediate and over the long-term as well.

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