What to Do When Your Home Faces a Slab Leak

MALACCA, MALAYSIA - FEBRUARY 05, 2016: Fresh liquid concrete is poured on top slab formwork form a solid concrete slab when it has been hard.

When you own a home you need to have a general awareness of a variety of things that could go wrong with the residence. These things include watching out for signs of wear and tear on your roof, windows, as well as slab leaks.  When you start to notice that you have slab leaks a slab leak repair job is something that you are going to have to get into gear sooner rather than later.  


What you want to do with slab leaks is to deal with them in as quickly of a manner as you can.  The reality though is that you are probably not trained, nor do you have the experience, to deal with a slab leak repair on your own.  This is where we come into play at North Florida Plumbing with the experience that we bring to the table.  When you face a slab leak what they can do is lead to structural damage of the home, among other things.


What Makes up a Slab Leak


So what exactly is a slab leak?  Have you started to notice that you have water bills that are on the rise?  Do you have a concrete floor that is showing signs of moisture?  Are these things just not making any sense to you?  There are times when you can have a pipe that is essentially leaking underneath a floor that is made up of concrete.  Think of the concrete as the slab itself.  When that leak is taking place what it is doing is starting to damage the entire structure of the home as it continues to leak and crack away at the concrete little by little.


A slab leak usually originated back to when the home was first constructed.  The way in which a home is built is what can lead the home towards having slab leaks or not having them.  Copper tubing is used at times in cement slabs prior to the slabs being dried and set permanently.  When this process occurs those tubes can actually begin to bend and can get weak.  This can result in cracks essentially that can lead to leaking over time.


Take Care of the Leak


What needs to happen once you notice that you have a slab leak is that you have to work to make sure that the leak is taken care of and repaired in a timely fashion.  In order for you to be able to stop the leak entirely and then work to repair that damage, you need to call in a professional.  We at North Florida Plumbing have the knowledge, experience, and technology to be able to deal with a slab leak repair that is minor or major.  


We can work to break through that cement to get to the pipe that is causing the leak in the first place.  This can allow the pipe to get either repaired or replaced entirely so that you do not have to worry about the issue happening ever again.  Slab leak repair needs are going to vary based on the unique situation that you are in.  When they are dealt with timely though you are going to be much better off for it.  
A slab leak repair is something that is best left up to a professional.  You have to really know what you doing with the slab leak repair job or you could end up doing more damage than already existed.  Once you notice or think that you have a slab leak, reach out to us at North Florida Plumbing.  The quicker you give us a call the more timely we are going to be able to react and get your home all repaired.