What to Do If You Notice Your Garbage Disposal is Starting to Leak

Garbage Disposal

As a homeowner you want to always try and pay as much attention as you can to any signs of trouble that pop up in your home.  Taking action to try and have problems repaired as soon as possible is always a good idea.  This is all with the goal of mitigating any ancillary effects that may crop up due to the issues that you are currently seeing.  The garbage disposal is one of those home assets that you probably cannot live without.  It is used every single day when you do dishes, clean up after breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and so on.  When it starts to leak you definitely want to take notice.

What is it that you should do though when you start to see a leak around your garbage disposal?  The first instinct may be to hop in there and try and fix the problem yourself.  This could end up leading to bigger issues down the line though.  What is best is to take timely action, reach out to the appropriate personnel with experience in the area, and do all that you can to ensure that the repair job is not just done, but that it is done right.  This will save your Jacksonville, FL home from having other issues over time.

Do Not Ignore the Problem

The worst thing that you can do when it comes to any issue that you have in your home is to ignore it.  If you ignore something such as a leaking garbage disposal you are only going to be setting yourself up for a slew of other issues down the line.  Ignorance is something that you want to avoid.  If you look under the sink and realize that you have a leak, it is time to step up and take action.

Avoid Trying the Quick-Fix on Your Own

You may, right off of the bat, think you can fix the problem yourself.  You’ll grab some duct tape and try and go to work to get rid of the leak as fast as you can.  This could prove to be very troublesome down the line as you may end up with a much bigger problem as time goes by.  What could end up being a situation where the garbage disposal could be repaired could end up being one where you have to get it fully replaced.

Try and Contain the Leak as Best You Can

Step one when you see a leak under your garbage disposal should be to try and contain the damage as best you can.  Put a towel under the leak and a bucket if you can fit it there.  This is going to allow all of the water to be picked up with relative ease to minimize the amount of damage that is going to happen out of the gate.  If you think tying a towel or something like that around the leak could also help soak things up you could also do that as well.

Avoid Using the Garbage Disposal

When you have a leaking garbage disposal you certainly do not want to keep using it.  Avoid using it as much as you can until you can get it repaired or replaced.  It is likely that you can do more damage than anything else the more that you use it, especially since the water could mess with the motor, electrical, as well as other areas.

Reach Out to a Professional

Reaching out to a professional as soon as you see the link is a great idea.  The pros at North Florida Plumbing in the Jacksonville, FL area will be able to step in and try and diagnose the problem as quickly as possible.  Once they do this they will make a determination as to whether or not they can repair the garbage disposal or whether they will replace it outright.

Once you have a professional on-site that you can trust, you are going to be able to ensure that the job gets done right.  Hiring some handyman off of the Internet may seem like a cheaper alternative, but chances are he or she is not going to have the experience to do the job soundly to the point where you are not going to have to worry about the leak again for a long time.  Take the time necessary to get a professional there to help you care for your leaking garbage disposal and get it back to normal as soon as possible.