What Are Some of the Most Common Toilet Problems You May Have as a Homeowner?

White toilet bowl in a bathroom at home

One thing that is very common among just about every single home and place of business around the world is that they all have a toilet.  This is because a toilet is absolutely necessary when you have anyone staying at the location for any type of extended period of time.  Since the toilet is so common, you would have to expect that it is also very common to run into a great deal of issues with these toilets.  Toilets can have all types of problems crop up that can prevent them from working properly.  This is why it is important to have an idea of some of the more common toilet problems that can appear.


When you have an understanding of common toilet problems you are going to be able to better assess the needs that you have for a toilet repair Jacksonville FL.  There is a difference between a common toilet problem that you can fix on your own or one that requires one of our experts from North Florida Plumbing.  With toilets being such a commonplace asset, it is a good idea to have an understanding of some of the issues that can appear with them.


Flushing Becomes Weak


One of the more common problems that you can run into with a toilet requiring a toilet repair Jacksonville FL is that you have a flusher that is weak.  This could be due to a wide variety of circumstances.  It could simply be that you have a very old 1.6 gallon flush toilet that is starting to break down.  It could also have to do with the plumbing of your toilet.  We can work with you to try to help you decipher what may be causing the flush to be very weak.


Tank Filling Quite Slowly


The toilet may not have any issues flushing, but it may have some problems with being able to fill up at a fast enough clip.  This could be a problem with the shut off valve that is located under the tank.  You could be seeing problems develop that are restricting the flow of water back into the tank after it has been released.  Again, an assessment by one of our experts can help figure out the true root cause of the problem.


Leaking Around the Toilet


Another thing that can always happen with a toilet is that you could end up with leaking around the base of the toilet.  This could be a sign of some major plumbing troubles or just a toilet that is starting to completely break down.  When you are talking about leaking around the toilet, this is almost always a situation where you want to call in a professional to assist you from start to finish.  Chances are the toilet is going to have to be replaced.


Toilet Clogged


The toilet becoming clogged is also something very commonplace.  When you have a clogged toilet you may be able to unclog it on your own with a plunger or some other tool.  After you have struggled to get the clog fixed though and have still become unsuccessful, you may want to think about calling in a professional.  A clogged toilet could be clogged all the way to the main.  This can require a lot of experience and know-how to ensure that the toilet becomes unclogged properly at that point and also for the future so that it does not keep happening again.
Toilet problems are something that every single homeowner is going to face at one point during their home ownership.  This is simply because we use our toilets so frequently.  It is multiple times a day that we are visiting the toilet and chances are we have several people using it as well.  With so much use you have to assume that there are going to be some problems that crop up in terms of the way that the toilet performs.  When you run into issues with the performance of your toilet, it is usually best to reach out to a professional.  We at North Florida Plumbing can help you with your toilet repair Jacksonville FL needs so that we can help you get that important asset back and working again in no time.