Understanding the Process Plumbers Follow to Repair a Water Heater

Generic hot water heater located in the empty garage. Clean and brand new.

You really cannot do a whole lot in your home without having hot water.  Think about how many times you use hot water in a given day.  You use hot water when you are cleaning dishes, pots, and pans following pretty much any meal.  Hot water is needed when you take a shower or give your kids a bath.  You need hot water when you clean certain types of clothes, etc.  Hot water is pretty much a necessity in any home no matter where you are in the world.  One of the most common ways that we get hot water in our home is from a hot water heater.  When the hot water heater starts to break down, it is time to reach out to us to initiate water heater repair Jacksonville FL.


There truly is a process that plumbers will follow when they are repairing a water heater.  This process is something that is going to have to be adapted to your home and your water heater set-up in particular, as not every single set-up is exactly the same.  When you understand the process that is followed, though, you are going to be in a much more comfortable position to know what you are getting involved in and also to help you justify the cost of the work.  Water heater repair Jacksonville FL is something you probably only want done by an experienced professional.


Diagnose the Problem


The first step as part of any water heater repair Jacksonville FL job is to diagnose the problem.  This is when one of our experienced plumbers will come out to your home and see exactly what the problem is.  A water heater can stop working for a variety of reasons.  There could be issues with the plumbing, the heater inside of the unit could no longer be functional, the tank itself may be rotted and on the way out.  Without being able to properly diagnose the problem, there is no chance that an effective repair job will be able to be conducted.  This is why step one is always to diagnose the problem and then go from there.


Repair or Replacement


Once the problem is diagnosed, the next step is to figure out if it makes sense to repair the water heater or to replace it entirely.  This is largely going to depend on the type of problem that you are facing.  Is the repair work that is needed for the water heater more than a new one would cost?  How old is the water heater?  Are there other issues that are likely to crop up soon?  You really need to work with our experienced plumbers to do a cost benefit analysis of sorts to figure out if you should really go for a water heater repair Jacksonville FL or a complete replacement of the unit.  


Follow the Process


An experienced plumber is going to truly follow what he knows when it comes to effective water heater repair Jacksonville FL.  They will certainly begin with diagnosing the problem.  Once they start their actual work, that’s when they will cut off the power to the water heater and start to look at its access panels.  If they have to get rid of the tank and replace it entirely, or just inspect the inside more, they may drain out the water from it.  There are many different paths that can be taken with a water heater and how you repair it.  
Your water heater is one thing that you definitely do not want to mess around with.  If you have any inclination at all that your water heater is starting to act up in a negative way, you want to reach out to us at North Florida Plumbing.  Our experienced plumbers will be able to give you an assessment of your water heater and help you decide on the best path to take to have it repaired or replaced.  Don’t go without hot water when you have us to help you get everything repaired and ready to go again per usual.