Three Tips to Help You Add a Garbage Disposal to an Older Style Kitchen

A plumber laying under a house hold sink working on a garbage disposal.

There are many people who live with older style kitchens.  They may not have features such as a dishwasher.  They may not have a garbage disposal either.  These are features, though, that everyone would like to have in their own kitchen.  When is your kitchen too old though for something like a garbage disposal?  Are there any types that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about adding a garbage disposal to an older style kitchen?


Adding a garbage disposal to a kitchen is not as complex as you may think.  Anyone who has knowledge when it comes to installing garbage disposals in the Jacksonville, FL area will be able to explain to you pretty easily how the process works and what you should expect.  Understanding some tips around garbage disposals and their compatibility with your kitchen, no matter how new or old it is, can help you gauge how the installation is going to go.


No Kitchen is Too Old for a Garbage Disposal


The first thing that you need to know when you are thinking about your kitchen and adding a garbage disposal is that no kitchen is too old to have one put in.  Every kitchen, whether you have one that was constructed in the 1950s or in the year 2010, can have a garbage disposal added to it.  All you really need to do is to have a few key components.  These including having the electricity available and also having the plumbing there for it to be compatible.  As long as you have those two things you can get a garbage disposal put in pretty quickly and easily.


Your kitchen’s age should not limit the features that you are able to add to it.  The same goes for other features such as adding in a dishwasher or something along those lines.  What you want to do is to consult with a professional plumber in the Jacksonville, FL area.  Those, such as North Florida Plumbing, will be able to advise you as to how you can best add a garbage disposal to your kitchen given its current circumstance.


Adding Electricity


When you have a professional analyzing your kitchen to add a garbage disposal the biggest thing that is needed is electricity.  Without electricity, your garbage disposal is simply not going to be able to run and do what it is supposed to do.  When you are adding electricity under your sink you need to be able to have the wiring there so that it can work with whatever garbage disposal you end up choosing.  Be sure to do your research and consult with a professional you are working with that is familiar with garbage disposals.  This is going to help you and ensure that the electricity is there and available so that the disposal can be hooked up and started as soon as possible.  Relying on an expert in installation of garbage disposals can help ensure the electricity is properly in place.


Hooking Up the Plumbing


Electricity is not the only thing needed for a garbage disposal.  You are going to need a plumber to ensure that all of that is hooked up.  A garbage disposal is pretty simple.  It sits between the piping of your drain and the sink itself.  The goal of the garbage disposal is to be able to work through objects, such as old food, that are simply not cut up to the point where they can safely be put down the drain without causing a clog or anything like that.  Be sure to work with a professional plumber so that the plumbing with the garbage disposal can be hooked up appropriately.  Trying to do this on your own can result in disaster as you may find that you hook something up wrong, cause a leak, or something of that nature.  Take your time to be sure the garbage disposal is hooked up properly to the plumbing.
Your kitchen has the ability to have a garbage disposal added to it in very little time.  A professional in the Jacksonville, FL area with garbage disposal installation experience will be able to take on the job and complete it within a day in most cases.  Ensuring the electricity and the plumbing are done properly will help to be sure that the garbage disposal is doing its job and functioning as intended in the short and over the long-term.