Three Tips to Help Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Strong

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Think about just how much you rely on your garbage disposal.  Anyone who lives without a garage disposal is probably well aware of the difficulties that it presents.  When you have a garbage disposal you take it for granted.  You just expect it to grind up anything that you throw in there whether it be food or something else.  Your garbage disposal is truly the workhorse of your kitchen.  You throw all of your junk at it and expect it to do the work necessary to give you the results you are looking for.  If you push your garbage disposal too much you may be in need of a garbage disposal repair job.  This is why you want to try so hard to keep your garbage disposal running strong.



So how can you best do that?  What can you do to ensure that your garbage disposal is running as effectively and efficiently on day one as it is on day two-hundred?  Your garbage disposal needs a lot of tender love and care.  It can do all of the work as long as you give it the necessary attention and don’t just abuse it for what it is supposed to do.  Let’s take a look at three tips to help maintain your garbage disposal and avoid a garbage disposal repair need.


What to Avoid Throwing in the Garbage Disposal


There are certain things that you simply should avoid throwing into the garbage disposal.  These are things such as fibrous foods that are going to include broccoli, celery, corn husks, among other things.  What can happen when you throw these things into the garbage disposal is that you can actually cause them to tangle up and stop the blades entirely.  This can burn out your garbage disposal motor at a pretty rapid rate and require you to have to bring in a garbage disposal repair expert.


Avoid Dumping Hot Water to Get Rid of Clogs


One thing that can happen to many homeowners is that their garbage disposal can get clogged up.  This is likely going to be because melted fat has resulted in the blades and such getting all jammed.  What homeowners may do in this situation is actually pour hot water right into the clogged garbage disposal.  This is the worst thing that you can do as all you are going to do is melt the fat temporarily.  This can lead to the clogging becoming even worse than it already is and really requiring you to have a garbage disposal repair expert come out to address the problem.


Cleaning the Garbage Disposal on Your Own


There is one way that you can actually clean your garbage disposal on your own.  If you fill up the garbage disposal with ice cubes and use a bit of rock salt, throw it all into the garbage disposal and just let it run for about three or four-seconds.  When you do this what you are going to be doing is cleaning out the garbage disposal blades so that they can run quite effectively.   Another option to take it up a notch is to use vinegar ice cubes that you make.
Garbage disposal repair jobs are something that you want to avoid.  When you have to have your garbage disposal repaired you are going to have to bring in a professional, spend money, and also have your kitchen be down and out for a period of time, or at least your disposal.  When you take care of your garbage disposal properly what you are going to find is that it will continue to run effectively and efficiently from day one onward.