Three Things to Pay Attention To When Using Your Garbage Disposal

Very old, used and dirty under the sink garbage disposal unit

The garbage disposal that you have in your kitchen probably takes quite a beating on a daily basis.  You probably find that you use your garbage disposal multiple times on any given day.  You probably use it after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It is used to grind up any of the food that you do not want to put in the trash.  This is probably to save your trash from smelling and also to make it easier to clean up after a meal that you have slaved over the stove cooking.  What happens though when your garbage disposal starts to fight back?  There are things that you want to pay attention to so that you can act on a garbage disposal repair in a timely fashion.


So what are the signs that your garbage disposal is starting to fight back against you?  There are three things that you want to pay attention to and be aware of.  The more awareness that you have over these things the better the chance that you will be able to act and have a garbage disposal repair done in an efficient and effective manner.  We are going to be there to help you when your garbage disposal takes a turn for the worse.  Knowing what to look for though is half of the battle.


Garbage Disposal Backing Up


One of the first things that you want to look out for in terms of the need of a garbage disposal repair is signs that your garbage disposal is backing up.  The garbage disposal that you have is intended to help to reduce the amount of backup that you have when you put things down the drain.  When the garbage disposal begins to fail what you are going to start to see is that your sink and drain gets backed up much more frequently.  When your garbage disposal starts to fail, what is going to happen is that it is not going to do as good of a job breaking down all of the food particles and such that you are putting down there.  


Grinding Noise


A grinding noise is also something that you want to pay attention to pertaining to the need for a garbage disposal repair.  When you start to hear strange noises coming out of the garbage disposal it probably means something is going on that simply should not be happening.  When you start to hear the metal grind in your garbage disposal you are gong to want to reach out to us so that we can come out and try to address the problem.  When this grinding noise starts to happen what it probably means is that you have a broken or a faulty garbage disposal.  


Jamming of Food


A garbage disposal should have no problem going through just about anything that you put down it.  That is the whole point of having a disposal.  When you put food down the garbage disposal and it actually jams it up though you have a sign that you have a serious problem.  Food should not get stuck or jammed up in the gears of your garbage disposal.  Instead the disposal should be able to do its job and work through the food to mince it so that it can easily go down your sink and your drains without causing any issues.  When jamming occurs a garbage disposal repair is probably necessary.  
When you start to notice any of the signs above you really want to take action and reach out to us as quickly as possible.  We can have a plumber on-site to your home or your commercial business in no time at all.  The quicker we are able to get out there the quicker we are going to be able to address the problem and help you in any way that we can.  A garbage disposal repair can be very easy as long as we are called upon in a timely fashion.  The quicker we can get to the repair the easier it is going to be on you and on us.