Three Important Signs Your Garbage Disposal is On the Way Out

Under the sink garbage disposal unit .

Ask any homeowner about any of the assets that they have in their kitchen and they will likely tell you about everything from their stove to their dishwasher, and especially their garbage disposal.  The garbage disposal is not always thought of as one of the more prominent assets or appliances that you have in your kitchen, but the purpose that it serves is extremely important.  It is very convenient to be able to use the garbage disposal to mince up food so that it can safely go down the drain.  This helps us all as homeowners when it comes time to clean up after meals, try to keep our trash clean, recycle properly, and so on.  How do you know as a homeowner though that the time is coming to replace that dishwasher?  


There are three important signs that you should always be on the lookout for when it comes to your garbage disposal.  Having awareness of these signs can help you as you try and figure out when the time is right to have the disposal either repaired or replaced entirely.  We at North Florida Plumbing can help you as you go through this process as we can provide guidance in terms of what you should do about the garbage disposal, what a proper replacement would be, and helping you with the actual repair or installation work itself.


The Disposal Does Not Turn On


The first sign that your garbage disposal is on the way out is a pretty obvious one; the garbage disposal simply does not turn on.  There could be a whole slew of problems that could be leading you to this conclusion.  When the garbage disposal is not turning on you may not be getting power to the disposal or the motor of the garbage disposal could be burned out entirely.


What you can do as a homeowner to try and figure out this problem on your own is to look at the bottom of your garbage disposal.  Chances are there is going to be a small red button that acts as the reset button.  Once you ensure there is power to the unit, that the fuse box looks right and everything, that reset button should help you get your disposal on again.  If not, kit could be a sign of major problems.


Garbage Disposal Jamming


When you are talking about garbage disposal repair or replacement needs it could also be due to the fact that the disposal is jamming up.  Your garbage disposal repair could be needed simply because foods or other objects are jamming up the disposal  Think about things such as utensils that may go down there, corn husks, and so on.  If you are starting to see that your garbage disposal is beginning to jam up with a great deal of regularity that you may want to think about garbage disposal repair needs that could be coming down the line.  


More Noise Than Usual


Garbage disposals are going to make some noise just because of the task that the disposal is carrying out every time that it is turned on.  It takes noise in order to grind up food and anything else that is placed in the disposal.  As a garbage disposal ages though and the motor begins to burn out, what you may find is that the noise becomes a big louder than it used to be.  This added noise can be really distracting to the overall peacefulness of your kitchen and could also be a sign that the garbage disposal repair job you have been putting off needs to be acted upon, or the disposal needs to be replaced entirely.  We can work with you to help you make this determination.
You want to act in a timely fashion when your garbage disposal is starting to show signs of trouble.  You rely on your garbage disposal pretty much every day, probably multiple times a day.  The more that you put off the garbage disposal repair work that is needed, the more likely you are going to end up with more major repairs that are needed or a full replacement.  We can work with you at North Florida Plumbing so that you can understand all of the issues your garbage disposal is going through and to help you get everything working again as you would expect it to.