Three Features Your Next Garbage Disposal Should Have in Your Jacksonville, FL Kitchen

Household food waste garbage disposal; isolated on white background

So you have gone through the process of completely remodeling the kitchen in your home.  You have done everything from replacing all of the cabinets, you have brand new flooring down, the ceiling has all been redone, new lighting, and everything in-between.  Now is the time to make sure that you have all of the appliances and other equipment necessary in order for you to get the most out of that kitchen space.  One of the key decisions that you will make as part of this kitchen remodel is the selection of a garbage disposal.  Adding or replacing a garbage disposal with the help of experts in plumbing Jacksonville FL is going to help you make your kitchen that much more functional.


So what should you be paying attention to when you are on the hunt for a brand new garbage disposal?  Believe it or not there are a lot of features that some garbage disposals have and some features that others simply do not. You do not want to skim on a garbage disposal because if you do, what you may find is that the unit is not going to be able to perform for you the way you want it to.  This could result in your drain and pipes all getting clogged up, the disposal getting jammed, and so on.  So you have plumbing Jacksonville FL experts coming to install your garbage disposal.  Let’s take a look at pivotal features that the disposal should have.


Quality Motor


If you end up with a garbage disposal that does not have a strong motor, you are really just throwing your money out of the window.  The InSinkErator garbage disposals have the best motors that are out there.  What they have is known as Dura-Drive Induction Motors.  These motors are extremely powerful and are going to allow you the freedom to throw just about any type of food down there without having to worry.


With a powerful heavy-duty motor what you are going to see is that you will end up with a garbage disposal that has both a high level of performance as well as a very long lifespan.  These are the two key things that you should be looking out of every garbage disposal you install.  We take great pride in installing the InSinkErator garbage disposal brand.


Easy Installation


You also want a garbage disposal that is going to be very easy to install.  When you have an easy to install garbage disposal what you will find is that you are going to save that much more with the lack of labor hours that you need to get the unit in place.  With an InSinkErator garbage disposal that we will install, you are going to get to experience the Quick Lock Sink Mount.  This is going to allow a twist-on and twist-off mount so that the installation can be done in a flash.  Plumbing Jacksonville FL experts like us love to install these easy units as they’ll fit on just about every sink out there.


In-Home Warranty


When you install a quality garbage disposal you expect to get support from the manufacturer.  That is exactly what you are going to get with the InSinkErator.  When you have one of these garbage disposals installed, you are going to get to rely on the in-home service warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. Plumbing Jacksonville FL experts will also be there for you as we are going to help you maintain the garbage disposal so that it can keep on running the way that you want day in and day out.  A warranty means though that the manufacturer believes in what they are selling.
A garbage disposal should be able to provide you with a very high level of performance and also bring to the table a lifespan that is second to none.  This is exactly what you are going to get with the InSinkErator garbage disposals we at North Florida Plumbing install. The features of this garbage disposal encompass exactly what you should be looking for when you go to replace the garbage disposal in your home.  With the InSinkErator you will be able to have as high of a quality of a garbage disposal as possible to go with your quality kitchen.