Leaking Faucet in Your Bathroom, What to Do to Repair the Problem

A water droplet coming from a leaky faucet captured with fast shutter-speed. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

There are some issues that pretty much every single property owner is going to have to deal with from time to time.  One of those things is a leaky faucet.  Leaky faucets have been plaguing homeowners for years as they can be a real pain to deal with.  Thankfully, a leaky faucet is a very common repair job that some homeowners may try to take on by themselves or reach out to a professional to have repaired.  We at North Florida Plumbing can help you with a leaky faucet should you ever feel as though you are not ready to try and take on the job by yourself.


Say you want to try and repair the leaking faucet though on your own, what are the steps that you want to take?  Outside of calling Jacksonville service plumbers, what can you do to get that faucet working perfectly again?  There are steps that you can follow as a homeowner to try and fix the problem by yourself as long as it is nothing major.  When you go about it this way what you are going to find is that the job itself isn’t overly difficult, you just need to be careful and stop when you reach a point where you may do more damage than good.


Shut Off the Water Supply


The very first step that you have to do when you are trying to deal with a leaky faucet on your own is that you have to kill the water supply to that faucet.  For a bathroom faucet the water supply is probably going to be directly below the sink in the bathroom.  When you go down below the sink, look for the shut-off valves and turn them to the off position.  In order to confirm that the water supply is completely turned off, try the supply itself to see if anymore water actually comes out.  The dripping should certainly stop at this point.  


The big mistake homeowners make more often than not is forgetting to shut off that water supply.  This can quickly lead to major problems in your bathroom with the water flying out of the sink at a rapid rate and with a great deal of velocity as well.  Be sure the water supply is turned off.


Remove the Faucet Handle


You then want to use a screwdriver to begin to take apart the handle of the leaky faucet.  Start by removing the decorative parts of the bathroom faucet and then use a screwdriver to take care of the rest.  When the handles are gone you are then going to be able to get at the main area of the faucet itself.  There should be a screw that is going to act as a mount to allow the handle to be attached to the stem of the faucet.  This is where you need to work to disconnect.


Remove the Faucet Stem  


Taking apart the faucet stem is the next part and this starts by loosening the nut that holds it in-place.  When you do this you are going to find that all you have left is access to the O-ring and the washer that is inside the stem valve, this is exactly where you want to be.


Clean and Reassemble


You then want to clean everything and reassemble as necessary, ensuring that everything is tight and in-place where it should be.  After doing this, hopefully, the leak will stop entirely and you won’t have to deal with the issue any longer.  


Leaking Persists


In the event that the leaking persists after you turn the water supply back on to the faucet, that is when you want to reach out to Jacksonville service plumbers.  We are going to be able to come out to your home in a flash so that we can take care of the problem for you.  It may even be the fact that the faucet has to be replaced entirely, but chances are we will be able to stop the leak.
Leaky faucets are nothing to mess around with.  They can cause a great deal of headaches and really be a pain to deal with as a homeowner.  Trying to fix them on your own is one approach to take, but when things get past your comfort level, reach out to our Jacksonville service plumbers for assistance.