Just How Often Should You Have your Drain and Sewer Cleaned by a Professional?

Closeup of sharp focused tree roots with a blurred background of man digging out clogged old sewer line pipes.

Talk to any of the Jacksonville plumbers out there and they are going to tell you that you should always try and have your drain and sewer cleaned.  This is the typical guidance that you are going to get whenever you talk to a plumber about this important part of your home.  Think about how much the drain and sewer of your home is relied upon.  Whenever you pretty much do anything with the water supply to your home, it is going to lead to the drain and sewer.  This could be when you are using the toilet, when you are using the sink in your home to wash dishes, take a shower, or anything else.  All of the water that we use is going to end up down the drain and sewer and it is important to be sure that those lines are cleared up so that everything can flush the way that it is supposed to.


So we know we are supposed to have the drain and sewer for our home cleaned by a professional, but just how often should this actually be come?  Should you be having Jacksonville plumbers come out to your home every few weeks to do this?  Obviously that is not the recommendation.  Should you be having them come out every year or two though?  Now we may be getting a bit closer.  We at North Florida Plumbing take great pride in the work that we do to help clean out drain and sewer lines.  The benefits that homeowners get out of this service may not be realized immediately, but as long as it prevents a blockage down the line, it is well worth the time, effort, and money.


Keep as Regular Maintenance


What you want to do is get on a regular maintenance schedule with your drain and sewer cleaning.  People will go a decade or more without ever having their drain and sewer line cleaned out. W hat this is going to end up resulting in inevitably is a clog in your line.  This means that you are not going to be able to flush the toilet, send any water down the drain, take a shower, and os on.  It is much harder to deal with a blockage or a clog than it is to just try and clean out the drain and sewer line on a regular basis.  This is why you want to try and get these things on a regular maintenance schedule.  Start with a schedule and try to stick to it so that you can keep track of when you had it cleaned and how long that it has been since the last cleaning.


Talk to a Professional


Every drain and ewer line is going to be different.  If you have a drain and a sewer line that is over a few decades old, you may have to have it cleaned more often than you would one that is only a few years old.  What we at North Florida Plumbing are going to be able to do is to help you with an inspection of the drain and sewer line.  When we do this we will be able to give you an assessment of where yours stands and just how often you should have it cleaned.  This could be every few years or it could be every five years or more.  It all depends on the state of the lines, the amount of usage, among other factors.


Rely on a Licensed Plumber


Jacksonville plumbers that residents of the area should rely on should really be licensed and have the experience necessary to inspect and clean out a drain and sewer line as necessary.  When you have a licensed plumber working or you what you are going to find is that they are going to be able to provide you with a lot of insight about your line.  They’ll be able to help you identify the age, the issues that you could be facing down the line, and identify how best to clean it.  We at North Florida Plumbing has the experience and skills necessary to help you in this area in a big way.
Drain and sewer line cleaning is important, but the frequency of the cleanings is going to depend on each unique situation.  Talk to one of our expert Jacksonville plumbers so that we can figure out what is the right schedule for you.