Four Important Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Home Water Heater

defective hot water heater on the outdoor patio.

The water heater in your home is extremely important to its overall comfort level.  When you use the water in your home, chances are that you want it warmed up at least a little bit.  You use hot water when you take a bath or a shower.  You also are going to be using it when you are cleaning dishes, washing clothes, and so on.  What you need to do when it comes to your water heater is to have a level of awareness over its current status.  This can help you figure out when you need a water heater repair Jacksonville FL or a full replacement of the water heater.  There are things that you need to be on the lookout for.


Some of the signs that your water heater is starting to go are much clearer than others.  Doing things such as testing out the water, paying attention to its age, and looking for other signs of wear and tear can all help you learn to replace the water heater or have a water heater repair Jacksonville FL before it is too late.  We are here for you to help you figure out the optimal time to replace your water heater so that you can get the most value from your asset and also keep the water in your home warm and comfortable.


Test the Water for Yourself


The first thing that you can do to see if the water heater in your home is up to snuff is to check the water.  How hot is the water getting when it comes from the water heater?  Is it hot enough so that you can be comfortable with it?  In the event that your hot water is not quite hot enough, it is probably a sign that you need a new hot water heater.  You do not want to have a hot shower where you get in and you are just plain cold.  The same goes for washing your hands, cleaning dishes, and so on.


Running Out of Hot Water


Are you starting to notice that you are running out of hot water at a faster clip than you ever have before?  How long does your supply of hot water truly last you?  These are things that you want to pay attention to when you are trying to figure out the best time to replace your hot water heater.  Hot water heater repair Jacksonville FL can help you take action to make sure you always have the supply of hot water that you need.


Look For Any Signs of Leaks


HAs your hot water heater started to show any signs that it is leaking in any way?  Check around the base of the hot water heater as well as all of the fittings and the plumbing connections.  What you want to be looking for is water, sludge, any signs of corrosion.  When you do this you can help to figure out when is the perfect time to replace that tank before it is too late.  Once it is too late that water heater could flood your basement, or wherever it is located in your home.  You want to act on the quicker side.


How Old is the Water Heater


The vast majority of hot water heater tanks have a warranty that lasts anywhere from five to ten years.  Once you get past the period where the warranty is up then you need to start thinking about the water heater from a replacement perspective.  While there are many hot water heaters that are going to last you years beyond that warranty date, you want to be aware of the age as that can be a real indication of a need for a water heater repair Jacksonville FL or replacement.
Hot water heaters are assets that you really place a lot of reliance on in your home.  When the hot water heater fails you are going to end up with quite a mess from leaking water, a water supply that is not warm at all, among other things.  Pay attention to the signs that you should be replacing your hot water heater so that you can act in a timely manner.  We at North Florida Plumbing can work with you to ensure that you get your hot water heater taken care of before it is too late.