Five Triggers That Should Alert You to Replace Your Home’s Water Heater

Generic hot water heater located in the empty garage. Clean and brand new.

The water heater in your home is arguably the most important component of your entire plumbing system.  You rely on your home’s hot water heater to be able to give you all of the hot water that you need to take a shower or a bath.  It gives you the hot water needed to wash clothes and/or dishes, among other things.  Like any asset that you have in your home though there are going to be times that you need to either repair or just replace your hot water heater.  Water heater repair Jacksonville FL services focus on trying to get your water heater back up and running.  When that is not an option though, we at North Florida Plumbing can also work to get that water heater replaced entirely.


What are the things that you should be looking out for to alert you that you should be replacing your home’s hot water heater?  There are certainly some triggers that can tip you off that your hot water heater is definitely on the way out.  When you can be aware of these things what you are going to find is that you will be able to be that much more proactive.  Replacing a water heater before it is too late is going to allow you to keep the hot water flowing and also avoid the major clean-up that goes along with a water heater that has completely given out.


Water Temperature Not Too Hot


You want to get hot water from your water heater.  That is pretty much the whole purpose of a hot water heater at its core.  When you have a hot water heater that is simply unable to provide hot water, it is not doing its job.  When your water is not getting hot enough, chances are you need to replace that hot water heater.  The ideal temperature for your heater is between 120 and 140 degrees.  After you check the temperature of the hot water heater and you see that it is correct, see if you are still not getting the hot water you need.  There are times that the heating element can break, among other things that can have a very negative impact on the heat of the water coming out.


Noising Water Heaters


Your hot water heater is not supposed to make a lot of noise.  When it is making noise hot water heater repair Jacksonville FL may be necessary, or a full replacement.  A hot water heater that is very old and starting to break down is going to make a lot of noise.  These noises can include everything from creaks to whines and knocks.  It may have bangs, among other things.  When there is debris and such that builds up inside the tank over time, it can get in contact with the heating element and that is when the noise can come.


Age of the Hot Water Heater


There is a clock on every asset that you own.  Once that age of maturity is reached you are going to want to act to replace the hot water heater before it is too late.  Most hot water heaters need to be replaced every seven years or so.  Some may last longer while others may not last that long at all.  Think about the age of your hot water heater and act accordingly.


Rusting at the Bottom


Look at the bottom of your hot water heater take.  Are you starting to see a lot of rust build up in that area?  When you are seeing rust it is a sign that the tank is about to give out.  Replacing the tank at this time can give you a chance to avoid the messy clean-up that goes along with a hot water tank that has failed.




A leaking hot water tank is also something that you may have to deal with from time to time.  It can be very difficult for a water heater repair Jacksonville FL to fix a leaking tank.  In this case, the best option may be just to replace the tank.
We take a great deal of pride in what we are able to do to help our customers with their hot water heater problems.  It falls on you as a homeowner to also be aware of the triggers though so that you can act timely and keep the hot water flowing.