Five Features to Focus on When Purchasing a New Home Water Heater

defective hot water heater on the outdoor patio.

Home water heaters are an extremely vital asset to have running effectively and efficiently.  Think about how many times in a given day you need a source of hot water.  Hot water is absolutely necessary when you are cleaning dishes, taking a shower, giving the kids a bath, among other things.  This is why you want to be proactive when the time comes to replace that old water heater with something a bit newer and more updated.  You perhaps may never have even purchased a hot water heater in the past and are now for the first time converting from an alternative, inferior solution.  There are features you should be on the lookout for when purchasing a water heater or seeking out a water heater repair Jacksonville FL professional to help with the installation.


Size of the Water Heater


The size of the water heater is the first thing that you are going to want to focus in on.  Water heaters come in a variety of sizes and the size of the water heater is going to dictate just how much hot water it can produce at any given time.  They usually come in 40 gallon and 50 gallon varieties, but can come bigger and smaller in certain circumstances.  We at North Florida Plumbing can help you size up the perfect water heater for your needs.  Obviously a family of four or five is going to need more hot water in a day than someone living on their own or with one other person.  Understanding these things can help you get the right water heater size.


Energy Efficiency Rating


Many of the water heater repair Jacksonville FL calls we get in regard to water heaters have to do with their inability to run effectively and efficiently any longer.  When you upgrade to a new water heater the energy efficiency rating is something that you want to pay attention to.  That is the rating that your water heater is going to get to help you determine how much it is going to cost to run that water heater on a monthly basis.  The energy efficiency rating speaks to the long-term cost to operate the unit.




Some of the water heaters out there come with warranties of a few years, some several years, and some less.  It all depends on what you purchase and who you purchase it from.  We at North Florida Plumbing can help you with all of the trade offs so that you know what warranty the unit has that you are purchasing and how long of a lifespan you can expect from it.  


Who is Installing It


The installer of the water heater is pivotal.  It goes the same for if you are hiring a water heater repair Jacksonville FL professional.  You want the installer to be knowledgeable about the product and also have the experience to be able to handle any of the situations that may crop up during the job.  Our technicians at North Florida Plumbing have seen it all and can help your water heater install go as simple as possible.


The Brand  


Brand can have an impact on the water heater you buy due to the trust that you may put in certain brands as well as the price point of the unit.  Brand names are probably going to cost more than generic water heaters.  Understanding the differences can help you a great deal as you make your selection.
Purchasing a new water heater for your home is something that we are all going to have to do at some point.  The more that you understand what is out there the better off you are going to be in making an informed decision.  Whether it is a new heater or a water heater repair Jacksonville FL that you need, we at North Florida Plumbing are here to help you every step of the way.