Determining Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your Home Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a home asset that is going to get quite a bit of use.  Garbage disposals are one of those things that a homeowner absolutely loves to have, especially when it is working properly.  Like any asset that you have though there can be times that it breaks down and is in need for a repair.  There are also times when, even worse, the garbage disposal needs to be completely replaced.  Figuring out whether you need a garbage disposal repair or full blown replacement is something that is going to require a bit of analysis by someone with more experience in the matter than you may have.


There are steps that you can take to help you make the decision as to whether you should go about a garbage disposal repair or a replacement.  Walking through this process can help you make an educated decision so that you can avoid having to spend too much on repairs you may not need, or simply may not be worth the money based on the current state your garbage disposal is in.  It is always best to start things off with a phone call to an experienced professional, such as one of our technicians at North Florida Plumbing.  We have the experience necessary to guide you down the appropriate path to get your garbage disposal back in working order in no time.  


Figure Out What is Wrong


The first thing that needs to happen is that the garbage disposal problem needs to be adequately diagnosed.  You are not going to have the knowledge, more than likely, to do this type of analysis to really figure out what is wrong on your own.  The way that you are going to be able to figure out the problem is by working with a professional.  We at North Florida Plumbing can help you in this area.  There are so many things that can go wrong with a garbage disposal from the cutting mechanism, to the motor, to the electrical, and so on.  We can take a step by step approach to help you figure out exactly what is wrong and to what extent a garbage disposal repair would be needed should you choose to go that route.


Get a Repair Estimate


The next step is getting the estimate for the garbage disposal repair.  The estimate is going to be a major part of your decision as it is going to help you figure out the cost breakdown of what it would be to repair the disposal versus replacing it entirely.  When you have one of our experts on-site at your home, ask for two prices.  Ask for a repair price and then for a replacement price as well.  When you get both prices you are going to be able to better make a decision that is smart in both the short and the long-term.  


Price Out a New Garbage Disposal


It may simply make more sense to have a brand new garbage disposal installed.  Thinking about what it costs to have that new disposal put it should also be bumped up against what the age of your current garbage disposal is.  Does the disposal really do the job in terms of grinding up your food adequately?  Are you starting to see some residue down in your drain because it is failing to mash up the food enough?  These are the things you want to consider when you are thinking about getting the garbage disposal repair taken care of or just biting the bullet and having it replaced.  
It truly does come down to making the best decision in the short and the long-term.  While it may be $100 cheaper to have the disposal repaired versus having it replaced, does that really make sense when you are going to have to replace the unit in a few years anyways based on its age?  Garbage disposal repair can do wonders to get your unit back up and running again, but it also may only be a temporary solution before you have to replace it entirely.  Weighing the benefits and negatives of each option can lead you to more of an educated decision.