Common Toilet Problems and How Best to Address Them

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The toilet that you have in your home or your office gets a lot of use on a daily basis.  Think of just how many times that you go to the bathroom on any given day.  If you have a family or a group of employees sharing a bathroom, multiply this by the number of people.  What you end up with is a huge number of times that the toilet is going to get utilized day in and day out.  There are a lot of common toilet problems that can come up as a result of all of this use.  When these occur what you may need is toilet repair Jacksonville FL experts like us at North Florida Plumbing.  We are going to be able to help you not only diagnose all of the common toilet problems you are facing, but also help you figure out how best to address those issues.


So what are all of the common toilet problems that plague so many people living in the Jacksonville, FL area?  I mean, toilet plumbing really is not all that complicated.  When you get down to the basics, common toilet problems can be broken down into five categories or issues that many homeowners of owners of an office will face from time to time.  Let’s take a look at these five common problems that can often result in toilet repair Jacksonville FL work that we can take care of for you.


A Running Toilet


The first common toilet problem out there is that of the toilet that just runs forever.  You have probably seen this before with a toilet that is broken.  The water just keeps on running and you hear that noise incessantly.  It seems as though it never ends and that is because it never has ended.  What is probably wrong here is that the flush valve is not closing properly and we can help you address this issue in a timely fashion!


Toilet Not Flushing the Way It Should


A toilet may not be able to do a full flush that way that it should.  This is probably a sign that your toilet needs to be repaired very quickly.  When a toilet does not have the ability to flush what that can result in is a whole slew of problems for anyone that has to use the problem.  What can cause a toilet to not actually be able to flush the way that it is supposed to though?  The reason is probably a result of the chain not being able to open the flush valve.  This can happen when the chain in the toilet gets loose and breaks off of the handle arm.  Our toilet repair Jacksonville FL experts can help you diagnose this problem to get it repaired.


Clogged Toilet


Pretty much everyone has seen a toilet clog one time or another.  A toilet clog is probably the most common toilet problem that we have all seen.  What happens when a toilet becomes clogged is that the drain pipe gets completely obstructed.  This can be caused by waste or a foreign object that has managed to get stuck down there.  Trying to take care of this on your own can prove to actually cause more damage than you intended to.  Our experts in toilet repair Jacksonville FL will help you deal with this.


Slow Filling Tank


When the tank of your toilet does not appear to be filling up as quickly as it should, this could be a sign toilet repair Jacksonville FL is going to be necessary.  The reason for this is probably because the fill supply may be closed partially.  It could also be due to a few other reasons.  Let us help you diagnose and repair the problem appropriately.


Water Leaking From the Toilet


As a toilet gets old what you may also find is that water can actually leak right from the toilet tank.  When this happens it is probably going to be used by condensation on the outside of the tank, worn out washers or bolts, among other things.  This may require toilet repair Jacksonville FL or a toilet replacement.
You need to keep your toilet up and running at all hours of the day.  Let us at North Florida Plumbing keep your toilet running strong so it can keep on working when you need it most.