Common Issues With Your Toilet and How to Best Address Them

Toilet in the bathroom.Home flush toilet top view

In the event that you own a home, have an apartment, a condo, any type of living quarters, you probably have a toilet.  If you happen to not actually have a toilet, you know someone that does.  Toilets are one of the most common assets around and they are also one of the more likely assets to run into issues in terms of its ability to function.  The reason is because of the heavy amount of use that a toilet gets daily.  You may have a stove in your home, but how many times a day do you use the stove?  You maybe use it once, at most.  Think about a sink.  You may use a sink a few times a day, but as much as your toilet?  Chances are probably not.  


There are plenty of common toilet issues out there and also solutions that go right along with them.  The important thing to note with these though is that unless you have knowledge and experience, you are probably better off reaching out to a toilet repair Jacksonville FL professional.  We can work with you so that we can accurately assess the problem that you are facing and also come up with an effective and efficient solution.  This is all with the goal of getting that important asset, your toilet, back up and running as fast as we possibly can.


Weak Flush


One of the most common issues that your toilet may have is that it just has a very weak flush.  What you want to do is to check out when the toilet was manufactured.  In the event that the toilet was made in the mid-1990s or before, chances are you have a gallon flush toilet that is just not going to give you the flushing power that you want or need.


There could be all sorts of things that are going to be causing issues with the flushing power.  It would have to do with hard water deposits that have built up in the toilet.  You could also have issues with the angle of the toilet and the holes where all of the water is coming out.  These can actually get clogged over time.  One way that this can be fished is to try and give your toilet a good cleaning with special solutions.  We can work with you to try and get that flusher back to the level of power that you are looking for.


Flushing Multiple Times


Some toilets may have the issue where they are actually flushing a few times in a row.  This can be a big issue as you are going to be wasting a lot of water when the toilet is going through the flushing cycle a few times.  What causes this though?  Typically what causes this to occur is that you have the water level in the tank set too high.  When you work to try and lower that water level you are probably going to be able to alleviate this problem in a pretty efficient manner.


Tank Refilling Slowly


Is it taking forever for the tank to refill so that you can flush the toilet again?  What could be causing this issue to be occurring so frequently?  It probably has to do with the shut off valve that is located under the tank.  What happens sometimes is people actually try and restrict just how much water is able to make it into the tank in one shot.  Many plumbers used to do this in the past as they believed that it was good for the toilet.  This could not be farther from the truth.  We can work with you to be sure that the shut off valve under the tank is set properly so that the tanks and get refiled and be able to flush again pretty quickly
You could have so many different things that are going wrong with your toilet. Even beyond some of the stuff that we mentioned above, we have heard of tanks that just do a flush on their own.  You could have a toilet that actually drips, one where you have a loud whistle while it is filling up, among other things.  The important thing to note is that we at North Florida Plumbing are available for all of your toilet repair Jacksonville FL needs.  We have seen it all and can work to get your toilet back in order.