Five Techniques You Can Use to Try and Take Care of a Leaking Faucet

A leaking faucet can be one of the most aggravating problems to have in your home. When you have a leaky faucet, it pretty much makes the entire sink out of commission until you get it fixed. The only thing that you can really do temporarily is to cut off the water supply to at the very least, stop the leak. This is when most people call in the professionals for a faucet repair Jacksonville FL. Our team of technicians at North Florida Plumbing are going to attempt several different techniques, all with the intent of fixing that leaking faucet for good.

As a homeowner there are things you can try on your own though to see if you can figure out the faucet leak for yourself. Leaky faucets sometimes can be more serious than they first appear, while in other cases they may be highly simple. It truly does depend on the nature of the problem that you are facing and what you are able to diagnose on your own and act upon.


Listen for Noises

You always want to have your ear out there to see if you can hear any noises coming from your faucet. Some of the most common noises that you can have include screeching sounds, as well as clanking and banging sounds. This may be indicative of a bigger problem that is driving all of the issues that you have with your plumbing currently. Things such as the washers could be to blame, or some other little hardware that is associated with the faucet. On the more extreme side of the spectrum, these noises could point to plumbing issues, water supply issues, among other things. Keep your ear out for noises to help guide our professional faucet repair Jacksonville FL team when they arrive.


Check the Stem

The faucet stem is something that can certainly wear down over time. It is the threads of the faucet that can become quiet worn. What you want to do is to remove the faucet handle in this situation and check out the threads to see if they really are worn out to their fullest extent. Grease up the stem and re-attach, checking to see if that could potentially cure the problem for you.


Leak with a Slow Flow

When you have a leak that is associated with a slow flow of actual water, it could be due to a small valve that is located inside of the stem of the faucet. This is known as the diverter valve and it is very important for it to be functioning properly so that water flow can be what you would expect it to be.


Source Hot or Cold?

Is the leak coming from only the hot or the cold water? This could be a sign that there is something wrong with the water supply coming from one of the two sources. Check to see if the leak only arrives when you have the hot or the cold water supply active. In the event that the leak stops, then you have begun to pinpoint your issue.


Kill the Supply and Call a Professional

When you are just not able to figure out a leaky faucet on your own, what you want to do is to kill the supply and call a professional. The water supply for the faucet is going to be right underneath the sink and there will likely be a hot and a cold supply that you want to turn off. This will stop the leak until faucet repair Jacksonville FL professionals arrive.

A leaky faucet is not a fun thing for any homeowner to deal with. What you want though is to try different techniques to see if you can take care of the leaky faucet on your own, or get a professional on-site to help you as soon as possible. A faucet repair Jacksonville FL job can be simple or complicated depending on the root cause of the problem, but our team is there to help you regardless of the situation.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Why it is Important to Clean the System on a Regular Basis

When was the last time that you actually cleaned out the drains and sewer that is linked up to your home?  Chances are for the vast majority of homeowners, the answer is going to be never. Drain and sewer cleaning is not something that is usually very high on the radar of many homeowners and that si due to the fact that people do not understand the value of it.

Drain and sewer cleaning is a practice that service plumbers Jacksonville FL stress as always important.  They preach about how often drains should be cleaned, how they should be cleaned, and so on.  This is all rooted in the known benefits that are out there to having your drain and sewer regularly cleaned out.


Reducing the Risk of Blockages

No one wants their drain and sewer to end up clogged up. When you have a blockage it can really cause havoc for your entire plumbing system.  Blockages can prevent sinks and toilets from functioning the way that you need them to, washing machines from draining properly, garbage disposals, and so on.  When you take the time to make sure that your drains and sewer are cleaned out on a regular basis, what you are going to find is that the risk that is present related to clogged drains and sewers is highly reduced.


Avoid a Smelly Sewer

A sewer can get really smelly over a period of time, with some strong odors creeping up when not addressed and/or cleaned.  Regular drain and sewer cleaning is going to allow you to essentially work to prevent the sewers from smelling.  It is as simple as making sure that things such as your p-traps under your sink are cleaned so that nothing builds up and begins to smell.


Protect the Home

You always want to protect your home as it can be a real devastating day when you end up with your drains and sewer overflowing into it.  This can create a water damage situation and also put you in a place where your toilets and such are just not useable. Regular drains and sewer cleaning are similar to having your roof replaced before a leak arrives.  You want to be proactive with the maintenance so that you are protecting your home and its assets, rather than reacting to a difficult situation when it is already too late.


Cut Down on Emergency Costs

When you ignore your drain and your sewer what you are going to find is that, eventually, you are going to end up with a pretty big problem that needs emergency attention.  This is why so many people end up calling us at North Florida Plumbing with an emergency drain and sewer situation. Once you have an issue, it can overflow into the home and really cause a mess.

Regular drain and sewer cleaning can help you avoid these emergency costs that our service plumbers Jacksonville FL just hate seeing homeowners have to endure. There is no need for these costs to ever arise when you are talking the necessary steps to ensure your drains and sewer are cleaned out regularly.

The service plumbers Jacksonville FL at our great company, North Florida Plumbing, use the latest and greatest in terms of inspection technology. Our goal is to ensure that your drains and your sewer are as clean as can be.  We can work to try and locate some of the trouble spots that may be popping up and clean them, taking care of them before they turn into more of a major problem than they have to be.

The Value Of Doing Routine Maintenance on the Plumbing System of Your Home

The plumbing that we all have in our homes is one of the things that we all probably neglect the most.  We just always assume that our plumbing system is there and that it is going to function the way that it should.  Most homeowners are not even going to notice or pay a lot of attention to their plumbing unfortunately until something goes wrong.  This is not the right approach as, like with all of your other home assets, routine maintenance is highly important.  When you work towards having routine maintenance done on your plumbing by the best service plumbers Jacksonville FL has to offer, it can make a big difference in how your plumbing functions and its lifespan.


Prolong the Life of Your Plumbing

One of the big values that so many homeowners get when they have routine maintenance done on the plumbing system in their home is they prolong the life of their plumbing.  This is not just inclusive of all of the pipes and such, though this is a big factor. This also includes prolonging the life of things such as your sinks, your toilets, among other plumbing-related assets.  Routine maintenance is going to ensure that the plumbing system is functioning the way that it should and is being cared for to help to avoid the need for repairs.


Keeping Repairs Minor

Even if you have the best maintenance plan in the world, repairs are still going to be needed from time to time with your plumbing. What you want to do though as a homeowner is to keep those repairs minor and be very proactive with them.  Think about something such as a pipe that you had leaking in the wall or in the basement.  With routine maintenance, this is going to be caught early on in the game.  By catching this early, service plumbers Jacksonville FL are going to be able to repair it before it becomes much more of an issue.  Keeping these types of repairs minor lets you proactively work to maintain sound plumbing, and also keep repair costs down.


Working to Avoid Disaster

A plumbing disaster in the home is something that can happen unfortunately.  A pipe could burst, a major clog could occur, you could have a sewer backup in the home.  These are all realities that you want to work towards trying to avoid as a homeowner. Service plumbers Jacksonville FL that are working towards routine plumbing maintenance are going to help you with that.  This is not only going to help you avoid major repair costs with your plumbing, but also help to protect your home and all of its assets that could get destroyed in the process as well.


Being Aware of Where Your Plumbing Stands  

It is always a good thing to have a general awareness of the state of your plumbing system.  This is more important than ever when you are buying a home for the first time or if you have lived their for years, neglecting your plumbing system along the way. The more knowledge that you have of where your plumbing system stands the more prepared you are going to be to ensure that the routine maintenance needs of the system are being met by professional service plumbers Jacksonville FL.

The plumbing system in your home is one of the home’s most important assets.  Plumbing is what gives you water, helps you shower and take baths, use the toilet, as well as several other daily tasks.  Routine maintenance of your plumbing system truly can go a long way to helping keep the system running the way that it should.  The value comes in the knowledge that you have of the system and its status, as well as the money-savings from keeping repairs minor or avoiding them entirely.

How to Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your Home Toilet

We all have a tendency to hang onto our assets for much longer than we probably should. This can be said for things such as the windows that we have in our homes, appliances, and yes, even toilets. Toilets have a lifespan just like all of our other assets do and it is important to take note when they start to act up in a funny manner. What the biggest question that many homeowners have once their toilet starts to function improperly is should they replace the toilet, or seek a toilet repair Jacksonville FL professional?

The question of repairing or replacing the toilet is probably something that you as a homeowner really cannot answer on your own. You simply need much more information in order to make that determination than you just staring at the toilet and giving it your own personal assessment. The exception to the rule would probably be when you have a toilet that is just cracked entirely, as that is probably a good indicator that hey, you need to get a new toilet as soon as possible.


Start With Professional Advice

The process of trying to figure out if you need to replace or seek a toilet repair Jacksonville FL job starts and ends with professional advice. This is where we come into play at North Florida Plumbing as we can help you with this along the way. Reaching out to us to get advice in this regard is probably the best first step that you can take. When you call us you are going to get a professional, expert technician out to your home in no time at all.

What we are going to do once we arrive is do an assessment of the toilet and really the whole situation. What is the status of the toilet?  How is it looking? Is there anything that can easily be fixed to get it functioning again? This assessment is going to allow us to give the toilet a look from top to bottom so that we can diagnose where the issues are arising from.


Too Many Repairs?

Most of the time, a toilet has the ability to be repaired.  What you want to figure out though is just how many repairs are going to be needed and what that is exactly going to cost you. Rebuilding and repairing a toilet can include hanging out main parts such as the handle, flapper, fill valve, among other things.  When you have to replace more than one of these as part of a toilet repair Jacksonville FL, this is when you need to ask yourself if this makes the most sense.

You want to weigh the repair costs against what it would cost to just get a new toilet entirely.  By doing this type of analysis, you are going to see where you are going to get more value.  If the cost to repair the toilet is only going to be $50 or $100 cheaper than getting a new toilet, maybe switching it out for a brand new one is the way to go.  Having something brand new is only going to save you more money in the short and long-term as you will have fewer issues to deal with over time.

Having an aging toilet is something that every homeowner has to deal with from time to time. Thankfully we at North Florida Plumbing are ready as your toilet repair Jacksonville FL professionals to help you deal with any issue that arises. When the time comes to either decide to repair or replace a toilet, start with an assessment from one of our professionals. From there we can work towards what is going to provide you as a homeowner with the most benefit in the immediate and over the long-term as well.

Three Signs That It May Be Time to Repair the Water Faucet in Your Kitchen

There are things that you want to be aware of and watch out for when you are talking about the faucet that you have in your kitchen.  Your faucet is something that you probably use several times in any given day, but you probably just assume that it is always going to work.  A faucet has a few key components that make it up and over time, these can begin to break down and fail.  Taking care of little repairs along the way can help to extend the life of your faucet and really make a positive difference.  Knowing what to look out for when it is time for a faucet repair Jacksonville FL can give you a leg up with this process.


The Faucet Keeps on Leaking

One of the things that you always want to be on the lookout for when it comes to a faucet is whether or not the faucet is leaking.  Once you start to see a leaking faucet in front of your eyes, a faucet repair Jacksonville FL is going to be in order.  You do not want to ignore the leak for a few reasons.  The biggest reason is that you are just wasting an immense amount of water when you let the leak continue.  On top of that though, you have to think about the fact that this could lead to more issues over time.  A leak is usually just the beginning of a bigger problem that is brewing.  When you can take care of it early with a faucet repair Jacksonville FL job, you avoid the larger issues down the line.


Signs of Excessive Wear and Tear

What is the state of your faucet from a visual perspective?  Are you starting to see that the faucet is getting all gunked up quite frequently?  Does it look like that it is really taking on a lot of wear and tear from all of the years of use?  Components of the faucet can be replaced or repaired so that you do not have to switch out the entire unit.  Look for excessive signs of wear and tear on the knobs that turn on the water, and also pay attention to the pipes that are underneath the sink as well that lead to the faucet.  The more of a grasp that you have and knowledge of the state of these components, the quicker you are going to be able to react should a preventative faucet repair Jacksonville FL job be needed.  If you are concerned at all that the faucet is on its way out, it is best to have it looked at.


Low Water Pressure

Where does the state of the water pressure that comes from your faucet stand?  Are you starting to find that you are not getting the same water pressure from your faucet that you used to get a few years or even a few months ago?  Low water pressure could be driven by a lot of things, including all of the piping that is even leading to the faucet, but the faucet is a good place to start.  Water pressure is important when you are trying to wash dishes and such in the sink, give your hands a good cleaning, something along those lines.  When the water pressure starts to dip, you want to start where the water comes out and work backwards to see where the true problem lies.  This is what we will work to do as part of our faucet repair Jacksonville FL job to ensure the source of the problem is rectified.

The faucet that you have in your kitchen is something that we use multiple times, every single day.  You want that faucet to perform and when it does not, you need to take action to ensure it is repaired timely.  Calling on a company like ours at North Florida Plumbing will give you peace of mind as our local expertise and superior customer service will help drive a positive experience overall.  This can help get your faucet repairs and functioning again in no time.

How Local Expertise and Customer Service Make an Emergency Plumbing Situation Easy

There certainly is something to be said for a company that specializes in a particular region of the country.  When you are talking about plumbing systems and the knowledge that is needed around them, you would be surprised to find out just how different a plumbing system in the state of Florida is compared to that of one in Massachusetts or Wisconsin.  Based on the climate of a certain area, that can drive what you would normally do from a plumbing perspective and is one of the big reasons why the infrastructure in so many places differs.  When you have an emergency plumbing Jacksonville situation, you want someone with sound knowledge of the local region’s typical plumbing to be able to help.

The other major factor at play here is customer service.  When you have an emergency with your plumbing, you need that taken care of as soon as possible.  The longer that the time is allowed to go by without a solution, the more issues that you are going to find yourself in.  Customer service, along with that local expertise, should be at the top of your list when looking for emergency plumbing Jacksonville services when the time comes.


The Customer Service Factor

The customer service factor when you are talking about emergency plumbing Jacksonville services revolves around first and foremost, the plumbing company picking up the phone.  You would be amazed at how many plumbing companies out there advertise that they are available around the clock, only to find out that once you call and reach out to them, they just are not there to even answer the phone, never mind come out to your residence.

Quality customer service is what we strive for at North Florida Plumbing.  As a company that is truly available on-demand, when you need us, our goal is to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction so that when you have an emergency plumbing Jacksonville situation, you can feel comfortable picking up the phone and giving us a call.


The Local Expertise

The dedication that we place on being an expert in the region is second to none.  This is what gives us a big advantage in terms of being able to effectively and efficiently handle just about any emergency plumbing Jacksonville situation that is thrown our way.  When you ask our customers who their plumbing expert of choice is in the First Coast region, North Florida Plumbing is probably what is going to come to mind.

We are experts in the region of Florida, and specifically that First Coast area.  We have been serving Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and many others for years now.  We are well aware of what is needed from a state regulation perspective and also are aware of what to expect in terms of plumbing issues given this part of the world.  Those are two important things that give us that local expertise and put us one step ahead of some of those nationwide big brand plumbers.

When you have an emergency plumbing Jacksonville situation, focusing in on local expertise and customer service are important things for you when deciding on who to call.  We take a great deal of pride in what we are able to deliver to our customers.  When you reach out to us, every plumber we send your way to help with your situation is going to be experienced and knowledgeable, ready to provide assistance and results.  The customer service experience should extend even beyond the emergency situation so that you can not only deal with the problem at hand, but get on a maintenance plan so that you do not run into this issue again in the future.

Toilet Troubles, How to Best Deal With a Toilet That Has Stopped Working

When you initially check out your toilet you may not see it as the most complex asset in your home.  The reality though is that there are a lot of components that go into making a toilet do what it does and take all of the waste that we put in it and flush it down into our septic or sewerage system.  A toilet can run into so many different issues when you are trying to get it to function and trying to nail down exactly what the problem is can simply point you in so many directions.

This is where we come in at North Florida Plumbing with our toilet repair Jacksonville FL service.  Your toilet could have all kinds of issues going on with it from leaking, endless running, it could be filling up too slowly.  The toilet could even just be too noisy or simply refuse to flush the way that it is supposed to.


Learn How a Toilet Works

The first thing that you can do as a homeowner is a bit of research into how a toilet works.  This can give you a much better appreciation for all of the components of the toilet and what goes into making it do what it does on a daily basis.  A toilet works essentially starting with when you push the handle.  Once you do this, the chain inside of the toilet lifts up what is known as the stopper.  Water that is in the tank then goes through a flush valve, entering the toilet bowl.  The water is what is used to push down the waste into the drain.  When the tank is fully empty, the stopper is put back in place, due to the handle no longer being pushed and the chain back down, allowing the water to refill.  A float ball is what is going to tell your toilet when it is full.


Having this understanding can help you to assess how your toilet is looking when you initially take the top off of it to have a peek in.  A toilet repair Jacksonville FL project that we do is going to begin with an assessment of this so that we can also help you get to the root cause of the problem.


DIY or Professional Repair

Once you start to look at the toilet you want to try and see if you can identify where the problem may be.  In the event that you can identify the problem, is it something that you think you have the ability to repair on your own?  Do you consider this a do-it-yourself project based on your knowledge and what you see?


Most of the time, outside of a clogged toilet you can usually fix with a plunger, a toilet repair Jacksonville FL is best left up to us, the professionals.  The reason is in that you truly need to be sure of what the problem is and you also have to have the experience to deal with the problem effectively.


Effective, Long-Term Repair

You want your toilet repair Jacksonville FL project to be for the long-term.  Effective, long-term repair is all about taking care of the issue in the toilet for the current moment, but also replacing components that need to be replaced so that the problem does not crop up again a few months down the line.  The worst thing you can do is to fix a toilet temporarily, as you are inevitably going to end up dealing with the issue again relatively soon.
Toilet repair Jacksonville FL services is something that we take a great deal of pride in.  Our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to help you get to the root cause of the problem and get your toilet back and working again in no time.  Knowing how to deal with a toilet that has stopped working is going to alleviate a lot of the stress and aggravation that goes with it.  We are here to help so that the toilet can be brought back and repaired in any way that is needed.

Five Techniques to Try and Unclog a Faucet in Your Home

One of the more common issues that so many homeowners are going to run into is the situation of having a faucet and drain that is all clogged up.  It is never a good sign when you go to wash your hands or your face only to find that all of the water that you have just used is still just sitting in the bowl of the sink, refusing to drain or just draining at an incredibly slow rate.


When you are in need of faucet repair Jacksonville FL the best plan of action to always take is to reach out to a professional.  We at North Florida Plumbing have years of experience in dealing with drain clogs and can help you in so many ways to ensure that you get your pipes freed up and your drain working as it was prior to the clog taking place.  There are some techniques that you can try on your own though to unclog a drain on your home and avoid faucet repair Jacksonville FL costs.


Use a Wire Hanger

You probably have a wire hanger in your home in one of your closets, why not use it to try and unclog your drain?  What you can do here is to take just a regular old wire coat hanger and bend it so that it is all straightened out.  At one end of the wire hanger, bend it so that you have a small hook as well.  It is then time to basically start to go fishing for the clog.  Once you drop the wire hanger in, see what you can grab and pull out to unclog the drain.


Baking Soda with Vinegar

The baking soda and vinegar combination has helped so many people with faucet repair Jacksonville FL needs related to clogging.  What you do is take one-third of a cup of baking soda with one-third of a cup of vinegar.  Combine them in a measuring cup and watch them start to fizz when together.  Then immediately pour them down the drain.  All of that fizzing is going to work through the clog.  Allow it to sit overnight and try and flush with hot water to clear the drain.


Use Boiling Water

Believe it or not boiling water alone can at times unclog a drain and avoid professional faucet repair Jacksonville FL needs.  Put a kettle on the stove and begin to start to make boiled water.  Then once it is boiling slowly pour the boiling water down the drain.  Do this several times, but allow a good fifteen minutes or so between kettles that you use.


Drain Snake

Drain snakes are also sold and can be very beneficial in the way that they can unclog drains.  What this is includes a long flexible metal rope essentially.  At the end of a spiral that is intended to grab at whatever is causing the clog.  Using the snake similar to the coat hanger, you can get deeper into pipes where the coat hanger cannot reach the clog.


Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is another great thing that you can try when combined with boiling water.  Start with about one-fourth of a cup of dish detergent and pour it in the sink.  Get some boiling water and pour that down now as well.  Once that is all in there, a small plunger can be used to try and unclog the drain.


Faucet repair Jacksonville FL needs are everywhere as we all have a clogged drain at some point or another.  The important thing is knowing how to take care of the problem effectively and efficiently, and also knowing when it is time to call in a professional.  You can try some of the tactics above, but be sure not to do anything you are not comfortable with.  We at North Florida Plumbing are always just a phone call away to help with your plumbing needs.

The Value Of Using Service Plumbers During a Home Inspection

Technician servicing an hot-water heater

Buying a home is one of the scariest and most exciting times of your life and it all happens at once.  The home that you are purchasing is one that you want to make sure is structurally sound, has all of its main components functioning as intended, and is ready for your to live in day in and day out.  This is why after your home offer has been accepted, the next step is typically going to be moving to a home inspection. (more…)

How to Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your Home Water Heater

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

The home water heater is one asset that we absolutely cannot live without. We rely on our home water heater in order to give us hot water to do dishes, to take a shower of a bath, to wash clothes, among other things.  Once your home water heater starts to show its age and begins to break down you need to take action.  There are two routes that you can go with this.  You can either go through with a water heater repair Jacksonville FL or you can replace the water heater entirely. (more…)